What Sets Us Apart

Improving Oral Health and Quality of Life, One Person at a Time

For Dr. Roy H. Yoo, being a periodontist is about helping each patient regain oral health and function, to improve their enjoyment of life.

Providing advanced periodontal and dental implant services in a welcoming and reassuring atmosphere, Dr. Yoo ensures each patient achieves their goals. He focuses on the individual, finding solutions to the patient’s clinical needs and personal concerns, an always respectful of the person’s wishes and expectations. Blending leading-edge care, delivered with respect and compassion, Dr. Yoo and his team help patients enjoy lifetimes of healthier, happier smiles!

Experience and Reputation

A board-certified periodontist, Dr. Yoo has delivered periodontal solutions and implant treatment for 15 years. He opened his private practice in 2014, in Cypress, and recently moved to a new location in Cerritos. Throughout his time in practice, Dr. Yoo has dedicated himself to offering high-quality care that results in lasting improvements to his patients’ lives and oral health.

Dr. Yoo is humbled to be known as a caring and honest professional who treats each patient with conservative techniques for the best experience and results. His practice has grown from both word-of-mouth patient referrals and referrals from local dental practitioners who respect the quality of work Dr. Yoo delivers.

Informed, Personalized Treatment Plans

Starting with a patient’s initial consultation, Dr. Yoo’s team schedules sufficient time for the appointment. This allows the doctor to present the clinical findings, discuss treatment options and likely outcomes, answer questions, and address all of the patient’s concerns.

Dr. Yoo does not want anyone to feel pressured into making decisions about their treatment plan. Instead, he ensures each individual is thoroughly informed, understands the pros and cons, and feels confident in their chosen treatment.

Patient Education, Motivation, and Support

Gum health is the foundation to dental health and a key component of overall well-being. In addition to providing advanced care for periodontal disease, Dr. Yoo and his team dedicate a lot of time to patient education.

It is important for individuals to understand the steps they can take to improve their oral health and why those changes are needed. Rather than blaming the patient, the staff and Dr. Yoo accept where they are and then provide guidance and motivation to bring about the necessary changes. Seeing a clean and healthier smile at a follow-up visit is the goal!

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Learn more about the high-quality, personalized periodontal and dental implant care Dr. Yoo offers by scheduling an appointment at his Cerritos, CA office. You deserve optimal oral health, improved function, and a smile that’s bright and healthy.

Dr. Yoo and his team will help you achieve those results! Call to learn more or request an appointment today!

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